McKinsey Achievement Awards

Advancing talent. Celebrating diversity.

McKinsey is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment and is passionate about developing leaders. The McKinsey Achievement Awards aim to recognize and support talented individuals around the world whose backgrounds may be currently underrepresented in leadership roles.

McKinsey achievement award recipients will receive

McKinsey mentorship

You will be invited to participate in a series of events where you will network and discuss your academic or professional advancement. During these events you will get to know our colleagues in a more intimate setting and learn about their diverse backgrounds and what brought them to our firm.

Our colleagues will also be available to answer any questions you may have and help you with interview preparation should you apply for a role with McKinsey in the future.

Sponsorship of $2,500 USD*

These funds are meant to be used to support academic or professional development.

*$2,500 USD or local-currency equivalent; the award is in gross amount and may be subject to local taxation.

2021 McKinsey achievement awards

You may only apply to one award globally, therefore we encourage you to apply to the award most relevant to you. You should select an award sponsored by a location where you have lived or where you speak the local language.

We are no longer accepting applications for the McKinsey Achievement Awards

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McKinsey is committed to supporting talented individuals from underrepresented groups and sponsors many programs throughout the year, with the McKinsey Achievement Awards being only one of them. Not all McKinsey locations and/or business functions/industries sponsor the McKinsey Achievement Awards, as they run other diversity and inclusion initiatives locally.

If an award relevant to you is not offered in your location, or you come from an underrepresented group for which we do not sponsor an award on this occasion, please review other opportunities we offer.

To learn more about upcoming initiatives, follow our social-media channels (Real Life at McKinsey, McKinsey Women, or McKinsey on LinkedIn) or our global careers website for information about other events, initiatives, awards, and roles, and see our Career/Upcoming Events tabs on our offices’ websites.