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We challenge the status quo and continually improve our internal tech offerings to create, implement and deliver inspiring, secure, integrated digital experiences. Our team designs and develops best-in-class solutions across the technology stack and supports thousands of colleagues around the globe.

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IT Services

We go beyond simply solving technology issues. Our forward-thinking IT Services team proactively advises our colleagues on getting the most out of the firm’s technology and helps new hires navigate IT.

Cyber and Infosec

We are experts in IT architecture and cloud-hosting technologies who protect the firm and maintain high levels of information security. Because everyone plays an important role in managing data risk, we work with our colleagues, educating and helping them consider the data risks in everything they do.


Our team of user researchers and designers strive to deliver the best experience possible for McKinsey colleagues. We lead, design, and deliver user research, translate our findings into insight-led actions, and create both digital and physical experiences.

Agile & Product Management

We combine world-class development practices with a deep understanding of the firm’s business needs to deliver products that improve how our colleagues operate. Our work is anchored in agility, design-thinking, continuous improvement, and customer-centricity.

Engineering and Architecture

Developing effective solutions and architecture begins with understanding the firm’s challenges. We’re not only hands-on with the technical architecture, our team collaborates with senior colleagues and provides thought leadership in the development and strategic direction of new products, processes, and technologies.

IT Service Roles

Get a glimpse of a day-in-the-life of a global helpdesk colleague.

Meet our people

“I chose McKinsey after graduating from a technical high school in Costa Rica for the growth opportunities. I knew I could explore and give more of myself here than any other place. I love troubleshooting colleagues' technical questions and helping them make impact in their roles.”

Nailea, Global Helpdesk Professional, San José

“We have a saying, which I find rings true: ‘Make your own McKinsey.’ It means you can explore and build your own path based on work that excites you. We have the opportunity here to learn and experiment with disruptive tech languages, platforms and methodologies.”

Gurbrinder, Specialist, Agile Coaching, Gurgaon

“If you’re a technologist anywhere, you can do some good things. But if you’re values-driven, you can be a force multiplier—especially in such a values-driven culture.”

Noah, Information Security Architect, Waltham, MA

“We have amazing women in leadership positions in technology—including the first team leader I had in global helpdesk. Thanks to her, I became more independent and confident in my work. Women here are valued, respected and help each other grow.”

Polina, Global Helpdesk Professional, Prague

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Collaborative teams where your voice counts. Opportunities to make meaningful impact. Challenges to stretch your abilities and further your expertise. A diverse and inclusive culture. Freedom to navigate your own path to success.

That’s life at McKinsey and it reflects one of our longstanding values: to create an unrivaled environment for exceptional people.

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