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Changing trajectories

We help companies change trajectories through holistic interventions in performance, health, and capabilities. Learn more from our transformation practitioners on how we help companies attain sustained performance improvement.

About transformation

Successful transformations require a holistic approach to performance improvement based on best practices.

McKinsey’s approach to transformation: A conversation with Seth Goldstrom

Most transformations don’t deliver on their promises or their targets. In this video, McKinsey senior partner Seth Goldstrom discusses McKinsey’s approach to enterprise-wide transformations, helping companies flip the odds to ensure that a transformation is successful and sustainable.

The Execution Assessment

Upgrading execution capabilities is a critical component for transformation success.

Transformations at scale with Impact Essentials

In large transformations, a focus on both health and performance is critical for long term success. McKinsey senior partner Seth Goldstrom and McKinsey partner Elizabeth McNally discuss the importance of the Impact Essentials, the ten activities that companies must implement and track across performance and health to reach their full potential.

Transformation: The Execution Assessment

It is essential for organizations embarking on a large transformation to understand their readiness to execute. McKinsey partner Elizabeth McNally outlines how companies can assess their capabilities needed to achieve the full potential in a transformation. She also provides an example of the Execution Assessment helping a client CEO to highlight some of the enabling changes that would be necessary to ensure impact.

Transformation: The ten Impact Essentials

There are ten Impact Essentials that are critical to driving and sustaining transformations. McKinsey partner Elizabeth McNally details the ten Impact Essentials and the critical role of each in ensuring impact.

The Impact Essentials: A deeper dive into incentives

Incentives are critical to the success of a transformation. McKinsey senior partner Seth Goldstrom discusses the role of meaningful financial and nonfinancial incentives.

Turning transformation potential into impact

True transformations address the entire organization across all capabilities.

Turning transformation potential into impact

McKinsey associate partners Chris Angevine and Darius Bates discuss the pivotal point in a transformation when the team takes on ownership to achieve the full potential and build the initiatives into a road map for implementation. Agile roadmapping is the process of capturing transformation value, locking in one-third of the value in short-term initiatives. The road map is very specific and tracks results, with value identified, and execution milestones.

The transformation office: One source of truth

Transformations are challenging. McKinsey associate partners Chris Angevine and Darius Bates offer insights on how to manage a large number of initiatives and participants by deploying a “single source of truth,” ensuring that transformation results are tracked to the bottom line.

Growth Accelerate

Capability building is a shift in behavior and mind-set, and it is key in transformations that aim to drive future growth.

Growth capability building: Growth Accelerate

McKinsey capability building is an integrated approach to learning journeys based on the latest in adult learning. McKinsey partner Sara Prince discusses the power of the Growth Accelerate program which embeds the learning directly in to the transformation agenda and links the new behaviors directly to impact. The assessment tools allow for tailored prioritization of which capabilities are required to drive transformation success.

Reinventing for Growth: A conversation with Duncan Miller

Reinvention can be the key to a successful transformation. In this video, McKinsey senior partner Duncan Miller discusses how a carefully constructed portfolio of initiatives can conquer a disruptive business environment.

Keys to a Sustainable Growth Transformation: A conversation with Duncan Miller

The challenge of a growth transformation doesn’t have to be daunting. In this video, McKinsey senior partner Duncan Miller outlines key practices that will lead an organization over short-term and long-term challenges.

The Growth Imperative: A conversation with Duncan Miller

Most companies that attempt to simultaneously grow and expand their margins don’t succeed. In this video, McKinsey senior partner Duncan Miller discusses how companies can beat those odds with the right team.

Strategic transformation

Throughout a strategic transformation journey, we help companies identify the big moves required for long-term performance.

Transformation: Bringing together the best of McKinsey

Transformations can be challenging. In this video, McKinsey senior partner Kevin Laczkowski discusses how McKinsey experience and knowledge support companies and their leaders as they move toward their goals.

A transformation client success story

Transformations are grounded in value creation. In this video, McKinsey senior partner Kevin Laczkowski discusses how a company in a declining market pivoted toward a fundamentally different business model by identifying and executing its strategic roadmap.

Transformation in Brazil

We recently brought together a group of McKinsey partners to discuss the formulas for transforming organizations in Brazil.

The characteristics of a CEO leading a successful transformation

The CEO plays a critical role during a transformation. In this Portuguese-language video, McKinsey senior partner Fábio Stul discusses how aspirational and resilient CEOs in Brazil can help their transformations succeed.

Eight management practices for a successful transformation

Transformations that hit the mark are led by committed executive teams. In this Portuguese-language video, partner Rami Goldfajn shares eight management practices that are essential for success when launching a large-scale transformation program in Brazil.

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