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Bringing the best of McKinsey: A conversation with Kevin Laczkowski

While transformation recipes may differ, every endeavor is backed by McKinsey’s best tools and capabilities that enable clients to execute.
Transformations can be challenging. In this video, McKinsey senior partner Kevin Laczkowski discusses how McKinsey experience and knowledge support companies and their leaders as they move toward their goals. An edited version of his remarks follows.

Interview transcript

Each company embarking on a transformation has its own story. So its transformation recipe may be different depending on its situation and challenges. But every transformation is backed by McKinsey’s best tools and capabilities that enable clients to execute.

Our transformation practice brings together cutting-edge capabilities across the firm, including strategy and corporate finance, marketing and sales, organization and operations. And it’s underpinned by a chassis that includes solutions and capabilities that allow any large-scale transformation to orchestrate, organize, and execute.

Our practitioners have been there and done it. Some have decades of experience in running companies and executing transformations.

It’s a huge privilege to work with companies on strategic transformations grounded in value creation. It’s very exciting. I love being at the table and mixing it up with the top teams, building conviction and commitment. That’s usually a very intense and sometimes emotional process. But at the end of the day, once the conviction is built, it’s extremely rewarding.

It’s exciting to see an organization’s first big move and follow the impact. This rallies the organization around the company’s vision. When a company finally achieves its aspiration or exceeds it, it’s extremely rewarding.

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