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McKinsey on Finance, Number 77

Perspectives on Corporate Finance and Strategy

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How executives can help sustain value creation for the long term

– Joint research from FCLTGlobal and McKinsey highlights the behaviors that can help corporate leaders and board directors sidestep pressures and stay focused on the long term.

Climbing the private-equity learning curve

– CEOs who are used to engaging with public-company boards need a different playbook when it comes to private-equity boards. Here’s what they can expect.

The state of internal carbon pricing

– More and more companies are experimenting with internal carbon charges—but are their pricing thresholds correct?

The CFO’s role in capability building

– Organizations developing new skills for the next normal must determine exactly how and where to invest in them. The finance leader is uniquely suited to provide the necessary combination of insights.

On target: How to succeed with carbon-reduction initiatives

– McKinsey research reveals which industries are on track to meet green objectives and how they got there.

Should you start issuing EPS guidance again?

– You may have suspended the practice because of the COVID-19 crisis. But if you resume it now, you may miss an opportunity to improve communications with investors.

Accounting for values and valuation

– Former UPS finance chief Kurt Kuehn describes how the SASB framework can help companies measure, manage, and disclose material ESG and other nonfinancial risks.
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Bias Busters: Don’t steer your strategy by the wrong star

– Leaders’ plans may falter if they’re relying on superficial analogies to find answers to their biggest problems.

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