My Leadership Journey

McKinsey created the Connected Leaders Academy to equip Black, Hispanic, Latino, and Asian leaders with the network and capabilities to achieve their professional aspirations. In our new interview series, participants from the private sector, academia, the arts, and other walks of life reflect on the people and experiences that helped shape them, and the setbacks that made them even more determined to succeed.

Don’t let fear stop you from forging ahead: An interview with Erika James

As dean of the Wharton School, James is eager to expand the narrative about the school and all it has to offer. And as a self-described “insecure risk-taker,” she offers advice on how to turn discomfort into action.

The importance of purpose: An interview with Acha Leke

A senior partner in McKinsey’s Johannesburg office and chairman of the firm’s Africa region shares his views on purpose, untraditional paths, and why people must be not only good mentors but also good protégés.

Always connect, never give up: An interview with Jason Wright

As president of Washington’s football team, Wright is calling on his experiences as an NFL player, business school graduate, and McKinsey partner to change an entrenched culture.

Don’t leave points on the table: An interview with Lockheed Martin’s Stephanie Hill

McKinsey sits down with Hill, an executive vice president at the aerospace giant, to discuss the new and emerging challenges of leadership and technology, as well as the importance of work–life balance.

Being intentional and being lucky: An interview with Barry Lawson Williams

The founder of Williams Pacific Ventures discusses the importance of learning from failure and finding sponsors who truly want to help others succeed.

Black Leadership Academy: A catalyst for growth

We developed the Black Leadership Academy to help organizations improve their talent pipeline and equip Black leaders with the network, capabilities, mindsets, and behaviors to realize their career goals.

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