How we grow together

Our curriculum is designed around three themes—extensive networking, focused apprenticeship, and hands-on training. The result is a cohesive learning experience that is closely connected to the way we serve clients and develop our people.

You will work directly with our clients on complex operational challenges. As part of this, you will play an active role in problem solving: identifying issues, designing and conducting analyses, synthesizing conclusions into recommendations, and helping to implement change.

In addition to on-the-job learning experience, you will dedicate time each month to functional training and knowledge development under the leadership of our operations experts. Along with other members of the OEP community, you will follow a curriculum based on operations-excellence themes and advanced training in one of four areas:

Extensive networking

By joining the OEP, you gain access to our international network of experienced operations professionals. In fact, the OEP offers you a two-way network—you will connect with senior leaders and experts through your daily work, while your colleagues get to know you better and start reaching out to benefit from your knowledge. In addition, you will become part of a cross-office group of more than 250 OEP members worldwide with ties to a strong network of experts in many fields. The OEP will therefore help you strengthen your connections in your field of expertise at the firm.

Focused apprenticeship

You will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge by working side by side with our clients on teams of McKinsey consultants, putting you on a fast track to specializing in one of the operations fields. During your time in the OEP, you will work on multiple client teams across different industries, directly applying the knowledge you acquired in training sessions, and expand your overall skills as a consultant, mastering a holistic approach to solving your clients’ problems. Fifty percent of your projects will be in your chosen field of specialization, and you will also have a chance to explore and immerse yourself in new fields of operations.

Hands-on training

At least 10 percent of each OEP member’s time in the program is dedicated to learning. On select Fridays each month, you will attend an in-depth training course led by one of our partners, senior experts, or knowledge leaders in their areas of expertise. The topics are designed to hone your expertise in your chosen field of operations. From coaching to walk-throughs at best-in-class client sites to case studies introducing major theoretical concepts, you will stay at the forefront of innovation. The OEP will help you absorb the firm’s broad spectrum of knowledge and immediately apply it to tailored training opportunities at client sites.


“It's the flexibility that has made my McKinsey experience so positive.”

Vera, expert, supply chain management, and former OEP member

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