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If you are looking for an opportunity to use your talent and passion for operations while expanding your skills in a challenging environment, don't wait and become part of our OEP community.

    Apply if you:

    • Are passionate about operational excellence
    • Hold a Master's degree, MBA, or PhD
    • Enjoy problem solving in a wide array of industries
    • Are keen to work in a team and apply your creativity and initiative
    • Have gained initial professional experience in one area of operations through internships or full-time positions

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    The OEP can also be a place for you.

    become a specialist in one of these areas

    Manufacturing & Supply Chain

    Manufacturing processes are transformed for better productivity, while digital and analytics are used end to end to create a winning strategy throughout the value chain.

    Product Development & Procurement

    Product Development & Procurement includes the creation of exciting product and service portfolios, increasing profitability through the product and service life-cycle and spend-categories optimization.

    Service Operations

    Service Operations includes digitizing operations to improve customer and employee experience, as well as developing programs to improve organizational health.

    Capital Excellence

    Learn how we help clients get the most value out of existing infrastructure assets and improve on-time and on-budget delivery of major capital projects and mega projects.