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We already have OEP graduates working at all levels of the firm, from associates to partners.


Operations Consultant, Amsterdam

“I felt really valued at the McKinsey Operations Practice—I realized I had become a thought partner for clients, and colleagues were reaching out to me to learn from my experiences in product development. I’ve also been able to transform these learnings into workshops, leveraging teaching experience I gained during my PhD in aerospace engineering. As a result, I’ve already flown around the world to facilitate workshops that I’ve developed based on my own experiences.”


Operations Consultant, London

“Oftentimes, I find myself wondering where the sails will take me tomorrow—and I love it!”


Operations Consultant, New York

“Coming in as an experienced hire from consumer goods manufacturing, I already had some knowledge. However, OEP has allowed me to deepen my manufacturing knowledge in different topics, such as digital manufacturing. It was also brought in across all the other areas of operations, like design to value and procurement. This has really allowed me to be a very well-balanced operations practitioner.”


Operations Consultant, Mexico City

“It’s the openness, to be able to search for someone that probably led a multinational company for several years who just asked your advice for guidance. It makes you feel like part of something bigger and is a super valuable experience for later.”


Operations Consultant, Madrid

“I was very impressed by my amazing colleagues and the great collaborative atmosphere we have. There is no competition, and everyone is willing to help you.”


Operations Consultant, Amsterdam

“The two things that stuck with me: We trained clients in lean and digital manufacturing by bringing an actual mini factory to the client’s site. Also, the type of projects allowed me to visit over ten different manufacturing sites across Europe in different industries.”

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