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Don’t just look to the future. Let’s Leap.

Leap by McKinsey works with established organizations to build and scale innovative and thriving new businesses from scratch.

Most organizations aren’t built for change. They spend a lot of time talking about it, but don’t know how to make the first move. And in the meantime, they get left behind. We partner with established organizations to build and scale innovative new businesses—fast. Businesses that capitalize on what you do best, but with the tools and capabilities to survive and thrive on their own. Businesses that have the potential to transform your entire organization, and to carry on generating game-changing ideas for the long term.

Let's Leap Together

Our approach brings together a global network of experts to build dynamic, innovative businesses that can reinvigorate your entire organization. 


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“We live in an age of disruption, where innovative ideas can quickly reshape entire industries. If established organizations want to compete and grow, they have to embrace that.”

— Ari and Ralf, global leaders

Examples of our work

Latin America's first digital insurer

Buying insurance should be fast, user friendly — and digital. We helped our client give Brazilian consumers a simpler way to get protected.

Leaping into consumer lending

Our client wanted to change the way retail banks do business. We came together to create the fastest-growing consumer-lending platform in history.

A global flower exchange for the 21st century

The way people buy and sell flowers is changing fast. We worked with a major European auction house to create a global marketplace fit for a horticultural revolution.

Bringing co-living to China

In booming cities, co-living is an emerging trend. We teamed up with a leading real estate firm to change the way Chinese millennials want to live.

Building the future of security

We transformed this hardware-focused industry with a software and data-led service ecosystem — and a new open standard that is unleashing a wave of innovation.

Next-generation sports streaming

“Cord-cutters” are changing the broadcasting landscape. We worked with a leading content provider to create the first streaming sports platform in the Asia–Pacific.

Impact stories

Featured Insights

Interview - Learn to Leap! #3

The people-first approach to business building

– To attract top talent in today’s market, companies need to upgrade their recruiting skills—and their culture.
Interview - Learn to Leap! #2

Achieving M&A success by letting start-up acquisitions be themselves

– Acquiring a start-up is only the beginning. Successful integration takes time, a shared vision, and a strategy to get there.
Interview - Learn to Leap! #1

How traditional companies can overcome legacy obstacles to business building

– Supporting start-ups in a legacy business requires changes in both skill sets and mind-sets.

Building new businesses: How incumbents use their advantages to accelerate growth

– For large companies, building new businesses is essential for growth and reinvention. The key to success? Combining the strengths... of an incumbent with the agility of a start-up.

How industrial incumbents can create new businesses

– In the face of what can feel like nonstop threats from new entrants, incumbent industrial companies can create new businesses... of their own that can mitigate the risk.

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Blog Post

What does it take to help a new business take off?

These three stories explain how Leap is helping companies create the new digital businesses they need.

Related practices

Featured experts

Yran Bartolumeu Dias
Senior Partner, São Paulo
Advises retail and digital banks, financial services, and credit card companies on developing and executing digital strategies and on effecting mergers and acquisitions to achieve above-market growth in Latin America
Raphael Bick
Partner, Shanghai
Builds digital businesses across China and Southeast Asia
Alexey Dang
Partner, Silicon Valley
Helps customer-focused and technology businesses pursue growth by tapping the power of digital, raising the bar on customer experience, and building high-performing product teams
Ralf Dreischmeier
Senior Partner, London
Helps companies build businesses that use digital strategies to achieve transformation and establish more nimble and agile ways of working
Desiree El Chebeir
Associate Partner, Paris
Brings more than 18 years of experience in the technology industry and working with start-ups to help clients launch and scale digital and agile transformations
Vinayak HV
Senior Partner, Singapore
Leads McKinsey’s work in digital banking in Asia–Pacific, working closely with local, regional, and global institutions on a broad range of strategic and transformation challenges to capture value
Ari Libarikian
Senior Partner, New York
Advises companies on building thriving businesses, helping organizations to grow, improve business processes, and strengthen digital capabilities
Mark Patel
Senior Partner, San Francisco
Advises clients across sectors on IoT, analytics, and digital. with a specific focus on the industrial, high tech, and semiconductor sectors
Gisa Springer
Associate Partner, London
Brings deep expertise in strategy, corporate finance, corporate ventures, growth equity, and start-up ecosystems, with a focus on helping both traditional companies and start-ups build and scale digital businesses
Judy Wade
Venture Leader, San Francisco
Brings deep knowledge of start-up funding and execution to help venture-backed companies around the world and their funders accelerate growth and achieve successful exits

Don't just look to the future. Let's Leap.