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McKinsey Belgium & Luxembourg works with global companies, multinationals, and emerging leaders in and outside of Belux. We help businesses build solutions and capabilities for lasting performance improvements across financial services, basic materials, transportation, pharmaceuticals & medical products, telecommunications, consumer goods, technology, and more.



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Working in Belgium and Luxembourg

In BeLux, we look for exceptional people who want to help our clients solve their critical business issues. We welcome candidates with a wide range of academic and career backgrounds, including MBA students, PhDs, and experienced professionals from different industries ranging from life sciences to corporate finance. We provide unrivaled opportunities to grow personally and professionally and achieve global impact.

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Shaping the future of work in Europe’s 9 digital front-runner countries

– Our research shows significant value in embracing AI and automation for the Northern European countries, but sees a requirement for new skill sets among employees and a policy response around education, training, and the social contract.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

The brightening mood of European business—and what it means for investment

– Executives are increasingly optimistic about the region’s business outlook, but new survey results suggest more work is... needed to instill confidence and stability. A few measures could help.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

New priorities for the European Union at 60

– As the EU faces an inflection point, its response to three global forces will shape the path forward.

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