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Jacques Bughin
MGI Director and Senior Partner, Brussels, Brussels
Leads research on global economic and technology trends, serving media, telecommunications, online services, healthcare, financial...
Thibaut Dedeurwaerder
Partner, Brussels
Helps clients pursue excellence in manufacturing operations, especially in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries
Laurence de l'Escaille
Associate Partner, Brussels
Advises government and business leaders on the energy sector’s strategic issues, including national and regional planning, investment,...
Nicolas Denis
Partner, Brussels
Advises government institutions on sustainable economic development and serves leading companies in agribusiness, fisheries, forestry,...
Michel Van Hoey
Senior Partner, Luxembourg
Advises leading metals and mining companies on strategy, marketing and sales, organization, and transformation
Sigurd Mareels
Senior Partner, Brussels
Brings 25 years of experience in strategy, operations, organization, and M&A to his basic-materials clients
Mieke Van Oostende
Senior Partner, Antwerp
Serves clients in the financial-services sector, particularly on strategy, organization, and risk management, with a global reputation...
Ruben Schaubroeck
Senior Partner, Antwerp
Advises clients on large-scale, digital and analytics transformations and technological challenges
Ken Somers
Partner, Antwerp
Brings a wealth of operational expertise to help clients from manufacturing industries increase their yields and energy efficiency
Diedrik Tas
Partner, Brussels
Advises metals and mining companies on strategy, growth opportunities, M&A, performance improvement, and operational excellence
Ruben Verhoeven
Senior Partner, Antwerp
Serves leading industrial clients on a full range of strategic, organizational, and operational topics

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