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Salesforce & McKinsey

Our collaboration

Our collaboration combines McKinsey’s expert insights with Salesforce’s best-in-class technology to help organizations drive end-to-end, tech-enabled transformations and maximize returns from technology investments.

Client Impact

Developing a digital solution to manage capital investments for a leading utilities company

We deployed a solution that improves end-to-end visibility over the entire capital-expenditure cycle, enhances stakeholder collaboration, and boosts productivity across the organization. This ensures investments are effectively delivered on time and within budget. The solution is expected to reduce capital expenditure deployment time by ten percent.

Supporting a multinational telco company to boost customer value

We created a campaign execution solution as part of a customer-value management system to boost customer value generation. The solution generated a 50 percent increase in sales conversions for all incoming calls.

Implementing a workbench solution for relationship managers of a retail bank by leveraging a customer relationship management solution

We built a one-stop-shop relationship manager workbench for key metrics, portfolio overviews, client impact summaries, integrated funnel views, and client relationship summaries by providing the relationship managers with key information that led to an increase in work efficiency.

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Blog Post

McKinsey and Salesforce forge new alliance to help organizations accelerate digital transformations

– The alliance brings together McKinsey’s proprietary knowledge, analytics, benchmarks, and capability building with Salesforce’s leading CRM platform.

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