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Bob Sternfels’ Testimony to the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform

Statement on Report by the US House Committee on Oversight and Reform

Statement on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Bob Sternfels elected Global Managing Partner of McKinsey & Company

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A brief overview of the history and current practice of McKinsey & Company.

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2021 ESG Report: Accelerating Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

2021 marked a pivotal moment for our firm, as we set a long-term aspiration to help shape and accelerate a new era of growth that is both sustainable and inclusive.

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Recent media coverage

US infrastructure

The Wall Street Journal interviewed Shannon Peloquin on U.S. infrastructure upgrades.

Consumers response to inflation

The Times spoke with Matt Jochim about how consumers are responding to higher prices.

Frontline employees

Forbes spoke with Andrew Davis about the gap between what frontline employees want and what employers think they want.

Fast fashion retailers

The Financial Times spoke with Anita Balchandani about how returns are becoming “a real pain point” for online retailers.

McKinsey in the news

Value creation in the Metaverse

In a recent report, McKinsey shows that the metaverse has the potential to generate up to $5 trillion in value by 2030 and may be too big to ignore. This extensive report provides a clear view of what the metaverse is and is not, what first movers are doing, what’s fueling the investment, and the potential for consumer and B2B companies.

The Great Resignation

As workforce uncertainty persists, McKinsey’s new research shows the enduring nature of the attrition trend and highlights five talent pools employers need to reach to fill talent gaps.


Environmental resilience starts with reducing climate risk but also includes much broader preservation of natural capital as well as intergenerational fairness, all considered in terms of economic and societal costs and benefits. McKinsey’s sustainability research and insights can be found here.

Diversity and Inclusion

The business case for gender equality, diversity, and inclusion is strong and growing stronger. McKinsey examines the barriers that prevent companies from addressing gender and racial equality and identifies solutions for building a stronger, more inclusive workforce. McKinsey's reports and insights on diversity and inclusion can be found here.

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