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Shannon Peloquin

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Shannon Peloquin

PartnerBay Area

Supports major utilities, transportation, and infrastructure organizations to enhance long-term strategy and investments, operations, safety, and reliability

Shannon is a leader in McKinsey’s Capital Projects & Infrastructure, Electric Power & Natural Gas, and Sustainability Practices. She brings extensive experience serving both public- and private-sector clients in infrastructure, transportation, and utilities.

Examples of Shannon’s client experience include the following:

  • helping a major US utility redesign its planning and work readiness processes—including risk prioritization, budgeting, forecasting, and job preparation—to improve efficiency and crew safety
  • working with another utility to redefine its frontline gas operations in order to improve safety, reliability, and affordability—including optimizing work planning, standardizing processes, and designing employee-change-management initiatives
  • supporting a US state to reconfigure its disaster-recovery capability—including its performance-management system and financial strategy—across multiple sectors, including natural infrastructure, transportation, energy, and housing
  • crafting a new strategy for a transportation manufacturer to address changing emissions regulations, a shifting competitive environment, and the introduction of disruptive fuel technology
  • reviewing global public transportation systems to define the optimal design for a public transportation system in a Southeast Asian city—including identifying ways to improve service and strengthen long-term financial viability
  • helping a large public transportation agency develop a three-year strategic agenda and top-team performance-management system, covering both its operating and capital programs
  • building a transportation investment strategy for a five-, ten-, and twenty-year horizon for a state’s surface transportation network by defining and translating objectives into integrated investments

Prior to rejoining McKinsey, Shannon worked in the Office of the Chairman of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Outside of McKinsey, Shannon serves on the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management Undergraduate advisory board as well as the San Francisco Center for Economic Development.

Published work

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Stanford University

University of Minnesota
BSc, business in marketing and nonprofit management