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Amuche Okeke-Agba

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Leads complex organizations through enterprise-wide change and performance improvement programs, coaching executives on how to accelerate and sustain impact

Since joining McKinsey, Amuche has guided a wide range of organizations through broad-based change. This support includes shaping and delivering performance transformation programs, directing culture and change management, and leading organization redesign. She has deep experience addressing the challenges that large, complicated organizations face in the telecommunications, media, healthcare, and industrial sectors.

To help make implemented changes stick, Amuche invests in capability building and leadership development. While driving large-scale transformation programs, she personally coaches executives so they can successfully drive transformation within their own organizations.

Examples of her recent client work include the following:

  • architecting a transformation program for an industrial company, including setting up performance infrastructure and organizational change management
  • leading a major healthcare company through an enterprise-wide performance-acceleration program that shifted the culture by addressing mindsets, building capabilities, and addressing team and group dynamics
  • designing and implementing a large-scale leadership capability-building program for high-potential talent at an AI technology company
  • transforming the culture of an energy sector client, building a 12-month transformation plan that included organization-wide action, robust, integrated governance, and a scorecard for tracking progress
  • architecting integration for a media-sector merger, including setting up an integration management office, executing the close, managing integration activities, and developing a portfolio of initiatives to capture synergies
  • building a transformation performance approach to support substantial revenue growth for a national telecom operator and establishing ongoing transformation capability to sustain momentum

Amuche is passionate about the topic of diversity in leadership and has been a speaker at panels on the subject. Before joining McKinsey, she worked as a product manager.

Published work

Full speed ahead: The automotive sector’s resilience imperative,” McKinsey & Company, May 2023

Past Experience

Product manager


Stanford University
MS, management science and engineering

The University of Arizona
BS, electrical engineering
BS, engineering management