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Talent Match

Connect talent to value

In today’s economy, an organization’s ability to create value depends disproportionately on a handful of critical roles, which may or may not sit at the top of the org chart. Talent Match helps senior leaders identify those critical roles, determine the qualities required for success, and identify the highest-potential talent in the organization.


Drive business priorities by linking talent to value

Anchored by the needs of the business, our proprietary Talent-to-Value (T2V) methodology helps leaders create a talent engine that directly drives outcomes that matter most.

Understand your top performers and high potentials

Talent Match shows the most important information about leaders of today and tomorrow—highlighting strengths, flagging development needs, and matching them to future opportunities.

Engage leadership on talent management

Interactive digital experiences capture the attention of top teams by doing away with paper profiles and making the process fluid and compelling—whether reviewing succession plans or determining promotions.

Why Talent Match

Powerful, collaborative technology

Our digital app allows leaders to visualize the most important information about their business and enables dynamic problem solving in key strategic moments.

Talent and HR expertise

Our human-capital experts facilitate the process and drive better decisions.


Our five-step approach connects talent to value and helps build a team's capabilities—and data—for the long term.

Want to learn more about how Talent Match can help your organization?

Featured insights


Attracting and retaining the right talent

– The best workers do the best and the most work. But many companies do an awful job of finding and keeping them.

What every leader needs to know about organizational management

– Leaders of organizations should beware chasing the next shiny object and instead focus on practical, time-tested topics that have... proved to bring success.

Using talent management to create value

– You’ve got great people—but are you realizing their potential? founder Sandy Ogg explains why companies must link talent... to value, and what that means for the role of HR.

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