McKinsey Quarterly 2015
McKinsey Quarterly 2015 Number 4


Explores the paradox of combining speed and stability to achieve agility. Also, describes how Chinese leaders are navigating the country’s shifting economic environment.


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Why agility pays

– New research shows that the trick for companies is to combine speed with stability.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Agility lessons from utilities

– The industry faces pressure on its core businesses and unexpected digital competition. Evaluating the external environment and making bets more quickly will be decisive for incumbents.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Adhocracy for an agile age

– The agile organizational model gives primacy to action while improving the speed and quality of the decisions that matter most.

Taking China's pulse

Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Five myths about the Chinese economy

– Predictions of deepening economic woes are plentiful. Here are five arguments against the pessimism.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Gauging the strength of Chinese innovation

– China does well in customer- and manufacturing-oriented innovation, though not in the more advanced varieties. But the country will need them to sustain growth.

Five keys to connecting with China’s wired consumers

– China is the world’s largest and most dynamic e-commerce market. But being successful requires understanding and embracing its unique digital landscape and consumers.
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How China country heads are coping

– As multinational companies face stronger headwinds, how are local leaders dealing with the situation, and what would help them move faster?

Other highlights

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Gender equality: Taking stock of where we are

– Why are women still underrepresented at every level of today’s corporations?
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

An executive's guide to the Internet of Things

– The rate of adoption is accelerating. Here are six things you need to know.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Knowing when corporate headquarters adds rather than subtracts value

– Reduce value destruction by applying three tests to initiatives from the center.

Research, trends, and emerging thinking

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Revisiting the matrix organization

– By clarifying roles within a matrix organization, managers can boost both the engagement of the workforce and a company’s organizational health.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Why it’s still a world of ‘grow or go’

– In a challenging environment, growth matters more than ever.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Taking the measure of the networked enterprise

– New research shows that power users reap the greatest benefits from social technologies.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

When subpar operations threaten margin growth

– Consumer-goods companies with weak cost management will struggle to increase the bottom line—no matter how much they grow.

Closing view

Article - McKinsey Quarterly

How should you tap into Silicon Valley?

– Not by sticking a toe in the water. Get your management team aligned and then commit.