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Tamara Gruenewald

Sr. Solution Leader & Associate PartnerZurich

Helps clients navigate the opportunities and challenges resulting from energy transitions with a focus on scenario thinking and value pools across the energy value chain

Tamara leads our Global Energy Perspective team. In this role, she oversees efforts to understand the dynamics affecting future energy demand as well as resulting value pools, such as investments, needs, and profitability, and creates forecasts in different scenarios across fuels, industries, and regions.

In her advisory work, Tamara works with clients across the energy system as well as adjacent companies, including banks, investment funds, and energy-intensive industrial groups. She helps clients access the impact of different energy transition scenarios on portfolios and shape future investment strategies accordingly.

Some of her recent client work includes the following:

  • guiding the global value pool analysis across key energy segments with several oil and gas companies, including deep dives on specific countries and regions, and the development of deep decarbonization scenarios
  • leading the energy strategy studies for several industry clients leveraging a long-term energy-demand model in four different scenarios
  • analyzing an OEM’s value chains across different regions
  • creating the strategy for an oil and gas company entering the power market with a focus retail
  • designing an offshore wind farm’s revenue as part of its operating model

Published Work

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Technical University Munich
MS, electrical engineering
MS, BS, technology and management