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Supports organizations across the shipping, air travel, and logistics sectors on strategic planning, transformation, M&A, merger management and other topics

Qiao is a core leader of McKinsey’s Travel, Logistics & Infrastructure Practice in greater China. He has advised significant organizations in the region, including bulk-shipping, container-shipping, airlines, airports, and logistics companies. Qiao’s primary areas of expertise include strategic planning, organizational transformation, M&A, and merger management.

Examples of Qiao’s recent client projects include the following:

  • helping a multinational shipping-and-ports group with its five-year corporate strategy and implementation, including the growth of its container, bulk, tanker, cruise, port, ocean, and forwarding businesses
  • supporting two large shipping-sector M&A projects with post-merger management, including new strategy, synergy identification, master planning, organizational setup, communication, and merger-management office setup, which helped it expand
  • advising a large European port on its development strategy, including container, cruise, ship repair, ancillary business, and logistics parks, which helped the port achieve previously unseen growth
  • supporting an Asian air-freight forwarding company with its development strategy in a large Asian nation, which included identifying the partnership model with local airport authorities and increasing its overall ROI
  • helping a Chinese airline develop its five-year strategy
  • assisting a Chinese airport group in develop its corporate strategy

Qiao is fluent in Chinese, English, and French. Prior to joining McKinsey, he gained a great deal of experience working in the corporate strategy and M&A sectors.


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Manager, strategy and M&A