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Ole Jørgen Vetvik

Senior Partner, Bangkok
Specializes in applying data and analytics to help clients make better marketing and sales decisions

About Ole

Ole Jørgen is the leader of McKinsey’s Center for Advanced Marketing Analytics (MMAC) , where he directs our work on data and analytics for the Marketing & Sales practice. As the leader of our Consumer and Shopper Institute in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, he draws on his deep knowledge of market research and consumer insights.

Ole Jørgen has served telecommunications, media, and tech companies around the world. His telco clients include fixed, mobile, integrated, and cable operators. While he supports clients on a range of issues&mdashstrategy, digital, performance transformation, and post-merger integration—he has a particular specialization in marketing and sales. He pioneered usage, NPTB (next product to buy), and similar techniques for cross-selling and upselling, in addition to telecom pricing in more than 30 markets.

As the leader of numerous multi-year commercial transformations, Ole Jørgen has extensive experience with holistic-change programs that incorporate customer lifecycle management, pricing, and branding, as well as advanced analytics and the strategic optimization of marketing investments. He has also supported many organizational-change, market-turnaround, and rebranding efforts for companies with cross-border operations.

Ole Jørgen worked as a micro-economic researcher at the Norwegian School of Economics, prior to joining McKinsey.

Published work

We’re all marketers now,” McKinsey Quarterly, July 2011.

A new way to measure word-of-mouth marketing,” McKinsey Quarterly, April 2010.

Past experience

Norwegian School of Economics


Norwegian School of Economics
PhD in economics