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We serve Finland’s leading companies, multinational corporations, and the public sector, helping them to accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth.

We partner with Finland’s leaders across multiple sectors to build significant and lasting improvements. We are passionate about developing long-term perspectives on the challenges facing the Finnish economy. We want to make a tangible difference in society by building leaders—within our firm, among our clients, and beyond—who have the commitment and capability to transform large organizations and improve the entire country.



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Working in Finland

The Finland office recruits exceptional students from top universities, as well as accomplished, experienced professionals. We believe that collaboration among diverse, highly talented people brings both creativity and passion to our work. Once you join our firm, we will support you in your personal and professional growth throughout your career.

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At Slush event, McKinsey shows how startups can become unicorns

– At the world’s biggest startup event, McKinsey shared new research on what it takes to accelerate growth.

The energy transition: A region-by-region agenda for near-term action

– What practical actions could countries take now to ensure that the energy transition both accelerates and proceeds in an orderly... fashion?

The state of AI in 2021

– A majority of companies now adopt AI, and leaders are using more sophisticated tools and practices.

Nature in the balance: What companies can do to restore natural capital

– Specific corporate actions, many with a positive return on investment, could help reverse the trend of the depletion of natural... capital.

Hard choices: How Europe’s fastest-growing start-ups become unicorns

– Just one in ten start-ups valued at $100 million grows to $1 billion within four years. Here are five trade-offs they made to... get there.

Scaling up: How founder CEOs and teams can go beyond aspiration to ascent

– For many start-ups, the challenge is no longer about securing capital—it’s about learning how to restructure themselves... as fast as their products or organizations can evolve.

Net-zero heat: Long-duration energy storage to accelerate energy system decarbonization

– Thermal energy storage has the potential to greatly contribute to decarbonizing global heat and power, while helping to ensure... the energy system operates affordably, reliably, and efficiently.

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