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Markus Hammer

Director of LearningVienna

Passionate about the “human factor”: helping people develop broad skills and deep functional expertise. Experienced operations practitioner, faculty member, and author.

Markus leads a talented team of learning professionals that design, develop, and deliver our functional learning programs in the Operations, Marketing & Sales, and Strategy & Corporate Finance Practices globally, targeting more than 5000 practitioners spread over more than 100 offices.

As a seasoned, internationally experienced operations consultant, Markus helps clients using his deep knowledge of lean and resource-productive operations paired with his passion for capability building. Markus built McKinsey’s advanced analytics sector for yield, energy, and throughput optimization in manufacturing. He also led our resource-productive operations work, which linked the firm’s efforts in operations, sustainability, and resource productivity.

He has delivered significant impact in large-scale operations-transformation programs with his functional abilities and project-leadership skills. Markus is a core faculty member in McKinsey’s Innovation & Learning Centers, and has a track record of designing and delivering distinctive trainings.

Since 2014, he has served as a lecturer at Graz University of Technology, where he concluded his doctoral research at its Institute of Innovation and Industrial Management. Markus speaks English, German, and Portuguese.

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Past experience

Procter & Gamble
Site integrated working system leader
Process and project engineer


Graz University of Technology
DEng, techno-economics
MSc, process engineering and environmental technologies