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Manuel Álvarez

Manuel Álvarez

Serves clients in the energy, manufacturing, infrastructure, and transport industries on issues including growth and entrance strategies, operations, portfolio optimization, project optimization, and M&A

Manuel has served several leading local and global companies, including oil and gas and petroleum multinationals, diversified and regional mining houses, and metal producers. His areas of expertise include strategy, mergers and acquisitions, commodity pricing, value chain, capital-project optimization and delivery, operations, and capital investment.

Examples of his recent client work include the following:

  • developing business plans and growth strategies for energy companies across Latin America
  • creating commercial strategies for energy, manufacturing, and transport clients
  • analyzing and formulating investment theses for private investors in the energy, manufacturing and transportation sectors
  • strengthening the analytical infrastructure of planning areas in the energy sector to optimize capital allocation across their investment portfolios
  • optimizing large-scale capital projects of more than $1 billion
  • designing and executing large transformation programs to improve financial performance at leading manufacturing companies in different sectors
  • optimizing maintenance processes across large scale, multisite operations


Stanford University
MSc, management science and engineering

BS, industrial engineering