About Eduardo

Eduardo joined McKinsey in 1999 and brings particular expertise in marketing, sales, and strategy. He serves major companies in the consumer-goods and retail sectors on a wide variety of strategic and commercial topics. A main focus of his work is strengthening collaboration among companies in different parts of the value chain. For example, he found innovative ways for a consumer company and a large chain of auto-service outlets to improve their collaboration on both supply-chain and commercial processes.

Examples of Eduardo’s work include:

  • delivering a growth strategy to help a home-care consumer goods company double the size of a key business unit over a 5-year period
  • defining a growth strategy for a multicategory client for its Mexican and Brazilian markets
  • optimizing the pricing strategy of a food-and-beverage company, generating additional funds to be reinvested in its brands
  • redesigning the main sales-force incentive scheme for a multicategory consumer company, focusing its salespeople on the company’s main growth levers
  • creating a new route-to-market strategy for a beverage company, identifying opportunities to increase the reach of its traditional channels
  • developing an end-to-end commercial platform to perform advanced analytics and improve decision making for a multinational beverage company
  • developing an advanced analytics approach to improve store segmentation and category space allocations to improve same-store sales growth for a major retailer


Harvard Business School

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Undergraduate degree, mechanical engineering