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Chris Hartley


Leads rapid transformation work across multiple sectors, including telecommunications, banking, and energy, with expertise in organisational change, culture, customer experience, and strategy

Chris is a leader in rapid transformations, particularly helping organisations in Australia and New Zealand establish modern operating models and culture in the face of disruption. He has worked across many industries and is an expert in consumer-facing industries, such as telecommunications, energy retail, and banking. In addition to leadership roles in McKinsey Transformation, Chris leads our modern operating model work in Australia and is part of the global organisational design leadership.

Chris also supports a wide range of telecommunications strategy engagements across organisation, transformation definition, market response, and future market economics.

Examples of Chris’ recent client work include the following:

  • defining and implementing a new operating model for a telecommunications company, using zero-based design, agile at scale, and a new set of management processes
  • leading the rapid transformation of several telecommunications providers, from transformation design to customer-experience improvement, store footprint, and channel optimisation to a full potential diagnostic, including digital
  • supporting a customer journey transformation for an energy retailer, including an opportunity diagnostic and customer-journey-based transformation
  • delivering the strategy for cultural change of a major bank to focus on customer outcomes and performance
  • leading the full potential digital and technology diagnostic for a mining company
  • managing the all-levers rapid transformation of an energy company and mining business unit, including the use of digital to improve customer experience
  • steering a retail store’s transformation, including new pricing and store-layout strategy and pilot implementation, as well as a retail company’s procurement and capital-reduction diagnostic and implementation planning

Prior to McKinsey, Chris led structural-engineering design teams for large commercial-building projects.


Into all problem-solving, a little dissent must fall,” McKinsey & Company, February 2023


Project leader


University of Canterbury
BEng, civil engineering