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Director of staff, Amsterdam

Why I decided to apply

During my internship at McKinsey I knew this was the place to be: working with great colleagues on exciting client topics. So I joined after getting my master’s degree in weather forecasting.

My first thought when I started at McKinsey

There really is a lot to learn—that feeling never stopped.

Proudest moment

Inspiring 30 colleagues to cycle the Alpe d’HuZes and reach the top—six times.

What next?

I love the fantastic support staff in the Amsterdam office. Inspiring people and supporting consultants in their professional development is something I want to encourage.

Most important lesson I learned from a client

Your answer can be brilliant on paper—but it’s useless if you don’t get buy-in on implementation.

Skill I never thought I’d have

My interest has gradually shifted from the what (problem and answer) to the how (implementation and transformation). Now I spend a significant portion of my time focused on the how.

Favorite movie

In the Name of the Father, the true life story of the Guildford Four, falsely convicted of IRA pub bombings. 

Favorite Web site

Outside McKinsey activities

Cycling! Preferably on long tours with friends. This year I cycled in the Ronde van Vlaanderen, the 11 stedentocht (11 cities tour), and the Amstel Gold Race. And I love day trips with my wife and kids. One thing I love about McKinsey is the flexibility it offers—so my wife can run her own veterinary practice and we can raise our children jointly.

Favorite restaurant

Artusi, in Delft. It has terrific Italian food.

Specific question I ask myself

Could I have cycled the Tour de France as a professional cyclist?

What advice would you have for others considering a similar path?

Listen to yourself, understand what drives you, and live your own life. Check in with yourself regularly and recognize when your interests are shifting. Use your own “advisory board”—of family, friends, and colleagues.



Applied Physics, Delft University of Technology