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McKinsey Digital

Explore McKinsey Digital, our newest practice—and see what types of cutting-edge opportunities we have to offer in our Netherlands office.

The McKinsey Digital group helps companies in a variety of industries to think strategically about how to use technology to transform their business and create competitive advantage.

McKinsey Digital is our largest practice, with 700+ consultants who work with senior executives on the most relevant technological issues. They serve a wide range of sectors including energy, telecommunications, finance, and health care. We offer independent, objective advice on how digital technologies can improve our clients’ performance. We take a top-management approach to support clients in three main areas:

  • Optimizing digital technology strategy, architecture, and governance models to provide effective support to the business

  • Improving the efficiency of the digital technology function and designing sourcing and location strategies for IT services

  • Using digital technologies to transform business processes and pursue business opportunities—for example, realizing the benefits of big data

Examples of the work you could do include transforming companies from asset-based to information-based businesses, identifying IT-enabled growth opportunities facilitated by emerging technologies, or increasing decision makers’ access to critical data by leveraging new digital tools and approaches.

For more information about the McKinsey Digital Careers, visit our global practice site.

Are you interested in joining the McKinsey Digital as a fellow or associate/specialist? Apply now, selecting Europe as the region and Amsterdam as a location preference.