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Partner, Amsterdam

Why I decided to apply

Before McKinsey, I spent 5 years in operations at Procter & Gamble. After the transition to McKinsey, it took some time for me to acclimatize. As an experienced professional, I had to adapt and fully develop myself. I learned to bring content to the things I do and am passionate about. McKinsey offered me the opportunity to develop myself also in other areas, like strategy and organization, and excel at these.

My first thought when I started at McKinsey

I really thought McKinsey would never hire me. Even 6 months after I got hired I was convinced I was a “hiring mistake.” It really took me some time to realize I could do the work I now do. Speaking with people within McKinsey and seeing firsthand what they are doing convinced me that I was ready for this new opportunity. A choice I haven’t regretted for a moment!

My proudest moment

A new world opened up for me when I realized what McKinsey had to offer, and to this day the issues I am helping my clients with continue to be a tremendous challenge. I work a lot on operations transformations, improving cost levels of banks and insurance companies both in and outside the Netherlands. For me it is very exciting to help all kinds of organizations see how much more potential they have and help them reach that potential in the best way possible.

Most important lesson I learned from a client

The most important lesson for me was that I could learn a great deal from my clients. Clients have helped me to understand the importance of really knowing who the stakeholders are and thinking through how everyone should be involved in the project. Also, clients have helped me see the advantages of fully paperless meetings.


Eindhoven University of Technology
MS, Industrial Engineering