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Associate, Amsterdam

The best things about McKinsey Amsterdam

I applied to McKinsey because I wanted to make a meaningful difference, while having the opportunity to grow as a professional. I found I have been able to do both of these things, and so much more.

I have worked with ambitious, intelligent people from many different backgrounds, on a variety of challenging topics. My work environment is very stimulating and has allowed me to grow continuously. Because McKinsey works in such a wide variety of industries, functions, and regions, I have the opportunity to shape my own path, which means a great deal to me.

Imagining the future of transport

I worked on a project that assessed the impact of urbanization and innovation on cities’ mobility and transport systems. We analysed developments such as electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, the sharing economy, and connectivity—and we assessed how these innovations would change the demand for fuel, traffic patterns, emission levels, and daily life in cities. The opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to projects like these, which have a transformational impact on society, is tremendously exciting.

Learning from colleagues and clients

In my time at McKinsey, I have worked intensively with a variety of project teams. I have found that I can learn something from every colleague and client, either by observing them or asking them to coach me—and their positive feedback has made me realize the value inherent in my contributions. My colleagues are so passionate, not only about their work, but also about their lives—which is incredibly energizing and inspiring! I feel very fortunate to be able to work with these people and learn from them every day.

Advice to applicants: apply!

If you have any doubt about whether McKinsey is right for you, my advice is: apply! The process is a two-way street—you will have the opportunity to assess whether the work, people, and environment feel like a good fit and they can assess you.


University of St. Gallen

Erasmus University
MSc, Rotterdam School of Management

Erasmus University
BSc, Business Administration

Leiden University
BSc, Psychology