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Akitoshi Kobayashi


Aids the transformation of Asian companies into customer-focused organizations that drive growth and evolve sales channel to be globally competitive in terms of productivity

Akitoshi is a partner in our Tokyo office, as well as a core leader of the Growth, Marketing & Sales Practice in Asia. He has extensive experience in consumer-facing insights, such as customer touch-point digitization, customer-backed agile user interfaces, user-experience development, customer-experience-driven-sales process optimization, and direct e-commerce and B2B online platforms.

A core leader of our energy materials sector in Asia, Akitoshi specifically focuses on energy transformations in retail, and marketing and capability building in historical B2B organizations. For example, he has been helping orchestrate and colead a report regarding energy in the retail sector.

Outside of work, he is a big fan of golf, as both a weekly player and game watcher.


The University of Tokyo
BA, science