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Sahil Shinghal

Partner (Operations)Tokyo


I came for an experience but stayed for a career.

I joined McKinsey in 2014 after completing my MBA at INSEAD. Prior to that, I was working as a manufacturing leader at a power and water company with expertise in process improvement methodologies.

In my 4+ years at McKinsey, I have completed projects across multiple industries including pharmaceutical, semiconductor, consumer goods, and dairy. With a strong passion in operations, 70-80% of my time is spent on manufacturing and supply chain projects while the rest is spent on exploring new topics of interest such as digital business building, IoT strategy, advanced analytics, etc. My most recent experience was helping a global consumer goods company optimize their end-to-end supply chain to meet exponential growth in demand.

The main reason why I was interested in McKinsey was the possibility to work across industries on various operations topics appealed to me from a professional development standpoint.  Another reason was the scale of impact – in my previous role, I was able to drive improvements at the level of a single manufacturing plant. With McKinsey, I saw the opportunity to work with the top management of leading companies and drive impact at a much larger scale. Finally, I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of consultants during the interviewing process, and this was something that helped me make the decision to join McKinsey even easier.

McKinsey was never a long-term career option for me until I completed my first year at the firm. A values-driven organization, McKinsey has succeeded in creating an unrivaled workplace for its people. 

There are three main reasons why I have decided to stay – people, independence, and global mobility. When I joined McKinsey, I thought all consultants to be self-absorbed, self-serving individuals, but I could not have been more wrong. I have found life-mentors and built life-long friendships at the firm, relationships that have helped me develop professionally and also deal with personal challenges.

The firm is a flat organization and I have the freedom to set my own working style. From opting into a part-time program where I get five weeks of additional leave, to selecting projects on topics that excite me, to attending two to three weeks of global professional development programs each year, I have full control over designing my work program to suit my professional development needs and personal preferences. 

Finally, having studied and lived abroad for more than half my life, I wanted to build a global career. McKinsey has given me the opportunity to not just work in diverse team environments but also in global locations for global clients.



University at Buffalo
BS, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, Japanese studies