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Survey: Discretionary spending in India amid and after the COVID-19 pandemic

Indian respondents share how their spending habits have changed since COVID-19 began, and how their behaviors could change once the crisis subsides.

We conducted research with more than 1,500 survey respondents to better understand how COVID-19 has affected Indian consumers’ attitudes toward discretionary spending, with specific analyses on mobile phones and large domestic appliances. These exhibits are based on survey data collected from May 2–5, 2020.

About the author(s)

Stephanie Chan is consultant in McKinsey’s Manila office, Mahima Chugh is an associate partner in the Mumbai office, Felix Poh is a partner in the Shanghai office, and Simon Wintels is a partner in the Singapore office.

The authors wish to thank Suramya Agrawal, Dymfke Kuijpers, Paul McInerney, and Suyin Soon for their contributions to this article.

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