North American Unconventionals

Straightforward insights for a complex market

Our North American unconventionals experts develop forecasts on growth and activity so you can improve performance and plan for every “what-if” scenario. To generate these forecasts, we utilize a suite of independent yet interconnected tools, developed by our in-house software team in conjunction with our industry experts, to give you deep insight tailored specifically to your requirements.

Our tools

North American Supply Model

Forecasts basin-level production and cost across fuels and price scenarios to deliver intelligence around supply trends, basin competitiveness, pricing mechanisms, benchmarking, and capital-expenditure (capex) outlooks.

Permian Basin activity monitoring

Monitoring the Permian Basin with satellites enables an unprecedented, near-real-time view of drilling, fracking, and production activity of North American shale oil and gas

North American Flow and Basis Model

Incorporates supply, demand, and pipeline networks to derive flow patterns and market price basis through 2030 for 57 gas pricing nodes and 156 flow paths, with the objective of minimizing total transportation cost.


Forecasts oilfield services (OFS) market spend in North America by sub-basin for more than 20 segments to help identify future areas of growth and the drivers behind them.

Our research

North American gas outlook to 2030

Here’s what you need to know about the North American outlook for gas demand, supply, and price to 2030.

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