Digital & Advanced Analytics

Oil and gas companies generate an enormous amount of data through sensors and logging tools, yet less than 1 percent of this data is used to inform decision making. This represents an enormous untapped opportunity.

We help clients to:

  • harness the power of advanced analytics to improve operations across the whole value chain, from exploration to production, processing, retail, and core back-office functions
  • understand the value at stake, create road maps for digital transformation, and reshape their organizations to support sustainable change
  • attract and retain digital talent, build in-house capabilities, and train managers, engineers, and data scientists in our digital academies
  • transform their IT and new digital tech systems and capabilities to create and operate new platforms and tech stacks to power their digital and advanced-analytics business priorities
  • develop, test, and implement cutting-edge digital solutions—with support from McKinsey Digital Labs—from CX and UX discovery and design, to prioritization, agile development and deployment, and full product ownership/next MVP value delivery

McKinsey has served 18 of the global top 20 companies—in more than 1,800 projects spanning a wide range of topics.

Examples of our work

Our recent digital and advanced analytics projects for oil and gas companies include:

Optimizing Control-Room Decisions

Helping a major offshore operator to develop and implement a machine-learning production algorithm that analyzes gigabytes of data in real time to optimize control-room decisions, generating an increase in production of more than 2 percent

Digital Transformation and Organization

Working with an oil and gas major to help plan and implement a comprehensive digital transformation and create a 200-strong digital organization, with the goal of realizing $5 billion in efficiency improvements

Digital Capability Building

Supporting a large integrated oil and gas company with capability building for an ambitious new digital organization that will employ 1,000 people and seek to capture $10 billion in impact across multiple businesses

Improved Management and Optimization

Partnering with a leading US midstream corporation to design and deliver their overall digital transformation, leading to better management and optimization of their facilities and operations

Featured capability

Our market analytics group, Energy Insights, brings oil and gas clients the best fact base and sharpest analysis for developing their digital strategy and expertise. In addition, through our proprietary tools like Digital Quotient and Digital Capabilities, we help companies assess their starting points.

Energy Insights

Helps energy companies manage uncertainty and improve performance through analysis, insights, and benchmarking.

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