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Helping clients to transform their medical-affairs solutions into the company’s third strategic pillar alongside R&D and commercial.

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Real-world evidence: Driving a new drug-development paradigm in oncology

– The potential for real-world evidence is expanding, particularly in oncology drug development. To compete, some companies are... investing in robust real-world data and analytic capabilities.

Real-world evidence: From activity to impact in healthcare decision making

– While there is general agreement that real-world evidence could significantly improve how healthcare stakeholders make decisions,... expanding its use requires action by multiple stakeholders.

How pharma manufacturers can enhance their medical information teams

– Medical information teams can be a source of differentiation if used strategically. But the evolving environment means pharma... manufacturers will need to make organizational enhancements to get ahead.

Medical affairs: Key imperatives for engaging and educating physicians in a digital world

– Five strategic efforts can help medical affairs teams master customer engagement in the digital age.

Digital R&D: The Next Frontier for Biopharmaceuticals

– Digital promises to transform R&D productivity over the next decade. What will it take to realize this potential?

The evolving role of medical affairs in Asia−Pacific: Three imperatives for pharmacos

– Medical affairs is poised for a broader, more strategic role. However, leaders will need to ramp up new types of capabilities... and talent to achieve this ambition.

Elevating the impact of medical affairs in Japan

– Recent research sheds light on the value of the medical channel and what it takes to have a high-performing medical-affairs organization.

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