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Zoltán Pintér

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At McKinsey, I have no permanent boss and my team changes with every project.

Travel the world and be inspired

Life at McKinsey offers much more than a regular job does.

I feel that I am on steroids Monday to Friday, and I get to travel the world and be inspired. My colleagues are genuinely caring and supportive. McKinsey’s international staffing policies ensure that I am surrounded by impressive people at the top of the industry. This is a truly global firm: in four years I have worked in all continents with people from countless countries.

Make childhood dreams a reality

As a child, I was obsessed with airplanes and trains. One of my first memories involves a small red model Concorde. I would also draw railway lines all over maps. Recently, I helped the pricing and revenue management team of a mid-sized network airline to increase revenues, and worked to optimize the capital portfolio of one of the world's largest railway companies. This was not a matter of luck. It was a result of conscious effort by people within McKinsey—mentors, professional-development managers, and friends—who went out of their way to help me work on subjects I care about passionately. I can’t think of any other company where this would have been possible.

Leverage your professional experience

If you are thinking of switching to consulting and have five to ten years of experience, apply! McKinsey is open to people who have an independent perspective. You could either use your experience in new areas or become a global expert on a specific topic. You will find multiple ways to leverage your prior professional experience to create a lasting impact for our clients.


Corvinus University, Budapest
MA, economics

CFA Institute
CFA Charterholder