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Márta Matécsa

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Consulting is my passion, and I wanted to do it in the most meaningful way, so I joined McKinsey.

Work with passion

Even though I was a finalist in the McKinsey case study competition during my last year of MSc studies, I wasn’t sure I would make consulting my career.

But after spending a few years consulting at different companies and completing my MBA, I recognized that this was indeed my passion. I joined McKinsey to pursue it in the most meaningful way; here I can stretch my boundaries and be surrounded by incredibly talented people. Since I joined in 2011, I have learned something new each day. I am passionate about solving problems that clients cannot even define and handle. I receive positive feedback from them about how we change the meaning of their own work and their perspectives on it.

Learn from the experts

What I love about McKinsey is the absence of a status quo: the firm constantly renews itself, including its knowledge base, its people, and its delivery models. Besides traditional management consultants, we have many specialists with diverse backgrounds, such as advanced-analytics experts and start-up entrepreneurs. Working with them energizes the traditional consultants and our clients, too. Their specialized knowledge helps me to keep my focus and knowledge up-to-date.

Perfect the life–work balance

After the birth of my daughter, 2.5 years ago, I returned to the firm and created “my own McKinsey,” a part-time program that allows me to move between intensive and quiet periods. I can maintain a successful career, expand my personal development, and keep a happy family. The fulfillment I get from my family has a positive effect on my professional life, and the excitement I get from my achievements at work makes me a much better mom and wife.


Central European University

Budapest University of Technology and Economics
MSc, management and engineering