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At McKinsey, you can develop yourself in great depth. We encourage you to explore as many areas as possible to find what you really want to do.

A culture of brilliance

My first glimpse into the world of McKinsey came during my studies for a master’s degree: I saw my most brilliant school colleagues working on practice cases, and this gave me the sense that McKinsey must be an interesting place. The more information I heard about the people at the firm, its vast array of knowledge, and the international exposure I would have, the more convinced I became that I would like to try it myself. Not to mention my excitement at the challenge of the interview process. Before receiving an offer to become a senior business analyst at McKinsey, I joined as a summer intern at CEMS (The Global Alliance in Management Education). This was an excellent opportunity to get a taste of the firm.

A fast-paced environment and can-do attitude

It is incredible, from the first moment, how fast paced the McKinsey environment is and how everyone has the can-do mentality needed to get things done. I was exposed to real decision making right from the start of my career. There is a great deal of trust involved, and I feel McKinsey is the only business organization where you get this level of responsibility so early in your career. McKinsey supports the self-development of its people and offers them numerous training and mentorship programs. You are encouraged to try as many different areas as possible so you can find what you really want to do.

Be open and curious

Diversity creates the best progress. If you would like to apply, don’t try to model yourself on the “ideal” consultant. Instead, emphasize why you are special and how you can contribute. Be open and curious! Don’t be afraid to apply—we want to see you succeed.


Bocconi University, Milan
MSc, CEMS term

Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU)
MSc, international management and CEMS

Corvinus University, Budapest
BSc, international economics