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Your interviews at McKinsey are the first steps toward an enriching personal and professional journey of growth and opportunity.

The first step to joining McKinsey’s Budapest office, whether you are a student or an experienced professional, is to prepare your application, which should include the following:

  • a cover letter explaining your interest in consulting, and McKinsey in particular
  • a curriculum vitae (CV) detailing your academic performance, previous jobs and internships, professional experience, extracurricular activities (sports and associations), and hobbies
  • your level of language fluency in Hungarian or Bulgarian and in English (and any other languages you may know)

Apply online

When you are ready to apply, use our online application form and attach your cover letter and CV.

We have four application intake windows during 2022. These application windows are linked to specific interviews dates:

   Intake 1  Intake 2 Intake 3  Intake 4 
Application deadline  31 January  24 April  28 August  16 October
Digital Assessment  1-14 February  27 April - 3 May  31 August - 6 September 19-25 October 
Coaching session for applicants
invited to interviews
 18 February  6 May 9 September 28 October  
First-round interviews  25 February  20 May  23 September  11 November

What does the interview process look like?

Eligible applicants will receive an invitation to play Solve, McKinsey’s assessment game, and complete it within a set deadline. There is no preparation needed for this game.

After the application deadline we will extensively review your application, including your Solve results.

If you are invited to interview, you will be provided with multiple coaching resources to make sure you are prepared.

An interview is an opportunity to find out whether McKinsey is the right choice for you. You will get an understanding of what our consultants do and the kinds of topics they work on.

Your first round will consist of two one-hour interviews for internship positions and three one-hour interviews for full-time positions. These interviews will all be with McKinsey consultants who will walk you through a case study to assess your team skills and ability to solve problems. These wide-ranging discussions will enable you to share your insight, your intellectual curiosity, and your approach to situations you may not have been prepared for. You will also have ample opportunity to ask questions about consulting and working at McKinsey.

After receiving feedback, and in the case of a successful outcome, you’ll be invited to attend a second round of interviews—two one-hour interview for internship positions and two one-hour interviews for full-time positions. If you are successful in final round interviews you’ll receive an offer.

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