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McKinsey Center for Agricultural Transformation

Helping accelerate agricultural transformations worldwide

McKinsey Center for Agricultural Transformation

About our center

Helping reduce poverty, improve climate resilience, create jobs, improve nutrition, and foster economic growth through successful agricultural transformations

How we help clients

Transformation strategy

We partner with governments, donors, companies, and civil society to improve evidence-based planning and set priorities for accelerating agricultural transformation.

Private-sector engagement

We bring an “investor mind-set” to public-sector policies and support private investments needed to enable commercial opportunities that will create jobs and accelerate growth.


Too often, transformation plans fail during implementation. We work closely with stakeholders across public and private sectors, bringing global best practices to drive on-the-ground implementation.

Building capacity

Transformation success depends on talented people—from top leadership to farmer-facing change agents. We tailor capacity-building tools based on global experience in transformation to in-country needs.

Data and analytics

McKinsey has a firmwide commitment to creating and applying next-generation analytics. We provide world-class agricultural transformation data and analytics to support partners.


Agricultural transformation challenges

David Fiocco, a Minneapolis-based partner, discusses key challenges in agricultural transformations.

32 countries where we worked on agricultural transformations

5x domestic production increase in a Middle Eastern country

14% increase in food availability per inhabitant in an African country

$500M in new funds to boost agricultural lending in an African country

35% increase in agricultural GDP in an African country

$3.5B pledged by 62 companies to fund PPPs under Grow Africa

Featured Insights


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– How can countries increase their odds of a successful rural transformation?

Readiness for agricultural transformation

– What makes a country ready to implement a good agricultural transformation plan?

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