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The McKinsey Center for Agricultural Transformation leverages deep expertise in agriculture.


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Senior Partner and Coleader, McKinsey Center for Agricultural Transformation

Sunil Sanghvi

Over Sunil’s 30-year McKinsey career, he has served clients on chemicals, agriculture, and economic-development topics. He recently rotated out of his role as global leader of the agriculture group to focus on helping build out McKinsey’s contributions around agricultural development. In addition to extensive work with private-sector agriculture companies, Sunil has helped a major foundation establish its strategy and grant-making approach around smallholder agriculture, helped a bilateral donor reshape its agricultural development activities, and supported three African governments on end-to-end agricultural transformations. Early in his career, Sunil also worked at the World Bank on China agriculture. Read Sunil’s full bio here.
Partner and Coleader, McKinsey Center for Agricultural Transformation

Nicolas Denis

Nicolas supports clients in the fields of food and agriculture, agricultural inputs, agtech and agriculture-related investment. In addition, he advises government bodies on agricultural transformation, food security, land use, and sustainable economic development, especially in developing and emerging countries. He works on these issues globally, but with a special focus on Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Within McKinsey, Nicolas is the global coleader of the McKinsey Center for Agricultural Transformation and leads the firm's ACRE solution (advanced analytics in agriculture). He is also a leader of McKinsey's Sustainability & Resource Productivity Practice. Read Nicolas’ full bio here.
Senior Partner and Global Lead, agriculture group

Lutz Goedde

Lutz has expertise in developing country livestock, staple crops, and high-value crops. Before joining McKinsey, Lutz was a member of the leadership team that built the agricultural development program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He has worked with public-, private-, and social-sector clients to attract private capital into agriculture in emerging markets and develop approaches to enhance smallholder productivity. For example, he advised West African governments on private-sector agricultural-investment strategies, helping to create an environment that has attracted $4 billion in new commitments to invest in the region. Read Lutz’s full bio here.
Senior Partner and Leader, Africa Delivery Hub

Kartik Jayaram

Based in Nairobi, Kartik leads the Africa Delivery Hub, an innovative McKinsey delivery model that helps government and social institutions across Africa effectively deliver against their commitments. He has worked across Africa and Asia to design and implement economic-development and agricultural-development strategies for states, countries, and multinational donors to drive GDP growth and poverty reduction (for example, he helped set up an agricultural transformation agency/delivery unit for an East African country). Read Kartik’s full bio here.

David Fiocco

David partners with public and private sector agriculture players across the value chain, in developed and emerging markets. Highlights from his work include launching a country-wide agriculture transformation in East Africa, supporting a multi-national seed manufacturer to enter more than five new markets, and designing a comprehensive food security approach in the Middle East. Prior to McKinsey, David was a Fulbright researcher in Uganda, a field manager with Innovations for Poverty Action in Zambia, and a consultant with the World Bank in Uganda.
Senior Advisor

Sara Boettiger

Sara is an agricultural economist who has worked on rural transformation for many years. Most recently, she worked as deputy director for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as it moved its strategy toward agricultural transformation. Her work focuses on market-based solutions and technologies in developing and emerging markets. For more than 15 years, she has worked across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, serving companies, foundations, governments, and private investors. She has expertise in many aspects of rural markets, including seeds, fertilizer, postharvest loss, water, energy, financial services, crops, livestock, and digital applications providing value in developing- and emerging-market economies.
Associate Partner

Pradeep Prabhala

Pradeep has worked extensively across the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa on a number of country agricultural transformation efforts. He has advised a number of country governments, bilateral and multilateral donors, development-finance banks, and private philanthropic donors on approaches to catalyzing private investment for agricultural development, devising sustainable institutional mechanisms to support investment. He has significant experience in topics such as seed and fertilizer distribution, seed systems, commodity marketing, postharvest loss/waste reduction, agricultural finance, and agricultural nutrition. He has been serving the World Economic Forum as an advisor on its flagship New Vision for Agriculture program.

Omid Kassiri

Omid is a core leader of our African agriculture group, in addition to driving energy access and investment throughout East Africa. Examples of his work include supporting a major pan-African agriculture participant in defining its strategy for supporting agricultural transformation, developing Kenya’s industrialization strategy, and establishing policy changes required to double electricity generation in Kenya. Omid is a coauthor of Lions on the move II: Realizing the potential of Africa’s economies and Dance of the lions and dragons. Prior to joining McKinsey, he established a 5,000-hectare farming venture in the Democratic Republic of Congo and developed a utility-scale solar plant in South Africa.
Partner and Leader, Africa agriculture group

Gillian Pais

Based in McKinsey’s Nairobi office, Gillian leads the firm’s work in African agriculture. Gillian has served private-sector clients across the full agriculture value chain (inputs, production, processing, and marketing) and has worked with development partners in structuring country-level agricultural strategies. Gillian also covers broader rural-development topics, including forest protection and energy access. She is the East Africa regional director of the Partnerships for Forests program and leads our work in off-grid energy distribution. Gillian previously worked with One Acre Fund, a leading agricultural social enterprise that works with more than 500,000 smallholder farmers in Africa.
Engagement Manager

Maurits Waardenburg

Maurits is one of the core project managers for the McKinsey Center for Agricultural Transformation. His experience spans macroeconomic development, agricultural transformations, and sustainable energy transitions in Africa and the Middle East. He has worked with governments and donors on national strategy development, including food security and green growth; with offtakers to evaluate their smallholder-farmer contracting models; and with input players on their bottom-of-the-pyramid downstream strategies. Maurits holds a master’s degree in public policy from the Harvard Kennedy School, where he wrote a thesis evaluating the economic impact of different smallholder-farmer inclusion models in Kenya. He also continues to work on his PhD studying performance management in multi-party governance settings.
Project Manager

Shane Bryan

Shane has served governments, nongovernmental organizations, and multilaterals on agricultural transformations in Africa and Latin America. His experience spans research, strategy, and implementation. Shane has been a thought partner to ministry officials in understanding grower and small and medium-size enterprise (SME) needs and prioritizing interventions; has undertaken academic research on the causes of, and solutions to, food-price volatility; and has helped private-sector clients identify attractive opportunities in emerging markets. Experience working with professors, CEOs, growers, SMEs, and ministry officials has helped him appreciate the complicated nature of agricultural transformation. Shane holds a master’s degree in public administration from Cornell University.
Partner and Leader, Japan agriculture group

Yuito Yamada

Yuito’s work is concentrated on agricultural transformations in Asian countries, with a diverse focus on grains, sugar, niche commodities, and more. He helps to bring investment from financial institutions to new potential areas in production in rural areas around the world. Read Yuito’s full bio here.

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