Making resilience a reality in today’s economic maelstrom

Our times are being shaped by an interplay of complex disruptions, with disparate origins and long-term consequences, rendering familiar crisis responses ineffective, writes senior partner Thomas Poppensieker, chair of the Global Risk & Resilience Editorial Board. How can organizations arrive at a resilient stance—alert to what is over the horizon and ready to withstand shocks? In the latest edition of McKinsey on Risk, we discuss nuanced strategies for navigating the fragmented global order and a roadmap for large-scale risk transformations. We also look at the special challenges European companies are facing right now, share perspectives on inflation risk, and tackle building more resilient supply chains. Explore our insights on these pressing topics below, and download the full issue to dive deeper.

Resilience for sustainable, inclusive growth

A defining moment: How Europe’s CEOs can build resilience to grow in today’s economic maelstrom

Using analytics to address inflation risks and strengthen competitive positioning

Supply chains: To build resilience, manage proactively

How to build geopolitical resilience amid a fragmenting global order

Risk transformations: The heart, the art, and the science

Does ESG really matter—and why?

How to make ESG real

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