The next ten years will bring fundamental changes to our working world, and to adapt, employees in almost every role and industry will need to acquire new skills. The COVID-19 crisis has only accelerated these shifts. In this edition of The Next Normal, we explore how capability building will—and should—change in the years ahead.

In upcoming editions, The Next Normal will explore the future of grocery, college, video entertainment, and more.

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More on the future of capability building

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Are you building employee capabilities across these four critical areas?

– Leaders have the potential to capture value and drive impact at levels previously thought unimaginable by building individual... capabilities across four quadrants.
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Hire more for skills, less for industry experience

– Assessing candidates based on skills, rather than their last job title, can help fill critical roles with the best talent.

A transformation of the learning function: Why it should learn new ways

– Companies rely on their learning-and-development functions to help workforces learn fast. But often, the function itself needs... a transformation.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

The most fundamental skill: Intentional learning and the career advantage

– Learning itself is a skill. Unlocking the mindsets and skills to develop it can boost personal and professional lives and deliver... a competitive edge.

To lead in the postcrisis tomorrow, put leadership and capabilities in place today

– Amid the crisis, companies have learned to work faster and manage better. Strategies that continually refresh those lessons through... people will define winners in the post-COVID-19 era.

To emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis, companies should start reskilling their workforces now

– Adapting employees’ skills and roles to the post-pandemic ways of working will be crucial to building operating-model resilience.
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How to develop soft skills

– As today’s skill shift accelerates, it is essential that organizations enhance and expand development initiatives for business... longevity.

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