Our People

Mark Patel
Senior Partner, Bay Area
Advises clients across sectors on IoT, analytics, and digital. with a specific focus on the industrial, high tech, and semiconductor...
Niko Mohr
Partner, Düsseldorf
Valued by international clients in sectors from advanced industries to telecommunications to healthcare for his deep expertise...
Abhyuadaya Shrivastava
Partner, Singapore
Trusted by clients to unlock game-changing growth given his expertise in strategy, portfolio re-design, commercial excellence,...
Venkat Atluri
Senior Partner, Chicago
Delivers large-scale performance improvement through technology, innovation, and agility; builds and transforms businesses by...
Michael Chui
MGI Partner, Bay Area
Leads research on the impact of information technologies and innovation on business, the economy, and society
Mark Collins
Partner, Bay Area
Serves clients across the telecommunications value chain with a specific focus on driving commercial growth and unlocking new...
Jeremy Eaton
Partner, Minneapolis
Leads the firm’s work in IoT for the consumer sector and helps clients build new IoT businesses, define IoT platforms, develop...
Karel Eloot
Senior Partner, Shanghai
Focuses on industrial Internet of Things and digital transformation in the industrial sectors, particularly for companies in China
Stefanie Frank
Associate Partner, Munich
Brings automotive and electronics management experience to help clients develop and accelerate operations through digitally-enabled...
Bodo Koerber
Partner, Düsseldorf
Serves companies in advanced industries, specializing in leading digital and IoT transformations and bringing new digital opportunities...
Eric Lamarre
Senior Partner, Boston
Serves clients across industry sectors on issues related to strategy, technology-enabled transformations, and large-scale productivity...
Naveen Sastry
Partner, Bay Area
Brings expertise in digital transformations and helps organizations become more agile with technology; has extensive domain expertise...
Anand Swaminathan
Senior Partner, Singapore
Serves clients across sectors to shape their growth agendas powered by digital solutions, analytics, technology, and platforms...
Jan Wüllenweber
Senior Partner, Cologne
Advises consumer and advanced industry clients on operations-related challenges, including IoT, procurement transformations, cost...