Is it possible for growth to be both sustainable and inclusive?

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We are going to rise to the challenge of creating sustainable, inclusive growth together. But it’s going to require creativity, real thinking, and collaboration.

Some questions that will arise as we think about solutions: How can we reduce the cost of decarbonization? $5 trillion of spending is necessary—can we reduce it by means of technology innovation or smart portfolio choices?

How do we go about reskilling and reemploying over 100 million workers whose roles might shrink or stagnate because of so much technology evolution, including the millions who may be displaced entirely by the energy transition?

How can we support those most vulnerable, the poorest one-fifth of the global population who struggle with access and affordability in achieving basic needs such as nutrition, water, energy, education, financial capital?

These challenging questions, and so many others, need to be addressed. But we will, with effort, creativity, and insight, overcome these obstacles.

With sustainable, inclusive growth as our collective North Star, we will create opportunity for all.

 Sustainable and inclusive growth: A new paradigm for Asia

Sustainable and inclusive growth: A new paradigm for Asia

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