How can CEOs steer their organizations towards sustainable, inclusive growth?

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I think I start with a fundamental belief that business can’t succeed if society fails. We’ve learned through our experience with the COVID pandemic that business has a fundamental role to play. And we’ve also learned that business exists not just for profit maximization but business exists to create value for all the stakeholders.

So, beyond just the employees and the customers, I think business has to create value for the community, for the country, and for the society at large. So, the first message is to really lead with purpose.

Second is talent. There is a war for talent going on. There is massive dislocation of talent or reshuffle of talent that we are seeing. Every business is being hit by that. And I think it’s fundamental for every CEO and company to reflect on their value proposition to attract, retain and develop talent.

What are they going to do, whether it’s career progression, whether it’s creating opportunities for accelerated growth, whether it’s being competitive in compensation, whether it is providing flexibility or connectivity—every business needs to think about where they’re going to score.

And finally, it’s about keeping up with technology. Pace of technological development has never been faster. More than ten years’ worth of technological developments got undertaken in the last year. And business needs to keep up.

How can technology be used to create value, whether it’s in procurement, whether it’s in managing supply chain resilience, whether it is in omnichannel consumer marketing, or frankly, just creating the best experience for employees and customers? So, I would say it’s about purpose, it’s about talent, it’s about digitization.

 Sustainable and inclusive growth: A new paradigm for Asia

Sustainable and inclusive growth: A new paradigm for Asia

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