Sustainable and inclusive growth: A new paradigm for Asia

Can growth be sustainable and inclusive? Leaders share their perspectives on how Asian businesses can make this a reality.

Economies and businesses must grow for people to prosper. But growth does not have to be at the expense of the environment, or society. Growth, sustainability, and inclusivity are not mutually exclusive—in fact they are mutually reinforcing. Globally, business has a fundamental role to play in creating a prosperous future, one that benefits society and protects the planet.

Business leaders in Asia are in a unique position to harness the region’s strengths to make sustainable, inclusive growth a reality. Asia is home to more than half the world’s internet users, and the region leads startup investments and intellectual property (IP) creation in one-third of the world’s key technologies. Furthermore, Asian consumers are more concerned about environmental and societal issues than their US or European counterparts, and are likely to support forward-thinking businesses that place sustainable growth high on the agenda.

In this video series, we ask McKinsey leaders across the region about the challenges that Asia faces, and how business can play a central role in creating a sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous future. They share their perspectives on how the business community can collaborate in finding solutions to global challenges, and how CEOs can lead their organizations to do so. Here’s what they have to say:

Is it possible for growth to be both sustainable and inclusive?

“We are going to rise to the challenge of creating sustainable, inclusive growth together—but it’s going to require creativity, real thinking, and collaboration.”
— Liz Hilton Segel, Global Leader, Industry Practices, New York

Liz elaborates on what it will take to create sustainable, inclusive growth

How can CEOs steer their organizations towards sustainable, inclusive growth?

“Business can’t succeed if society fails.”
— Gautam Kumra, Asia Chairman, Singapore

Gautam describes how businesses can lead with purpose to create value for their communities, countries, and societies

How do digital consumers contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive Asia?

“Asian consumers are thinking about how their products and their choices affect the environment.”
— Richard Lee, Senior Partner, Seoul

Richard shares observations on Asia’s digital ecosystem and how environmental and social concerns are shaping consumer preferences

How can Asia embark on a sustainable growth path?

“Companies have to look at this not only from a defensive posture in terms of protecting their existing businesses, but really grab the opportunities of tomorrow.”
— Rajat Gupta, Senior Partner and Leader of McKinsey’s Sustainability Practice in Asia

Rajat examines the challenges that Asia faces, and the opportunities for companies—and countries—to embrace net-zero

How can Asia narrow the gap between countries’ access to technologies, and leapfrog to sustainable, inclusive growth?

“Asia must embrace its strengths which are speed, collaboration, and resilience.”
— Anand Swaminathan, Senior Partner and Global Leader of Build by McKinsey

Anand describes Asia’s unique strengths and how technology can play a role in unlocking sustainable and inclusive growth in the region