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Junna Shi


Helps governments and companies with integrated regional development programs, public-private collaboration, and strategic transformation

Junna advises Chinese government institutions on industrial development, regional economic planning, and integrated regional development topics. She also provides corporate strategy development and implementation support services to companies and institutions in industrial and commercial real-estate sectors. Her work in this area includes assisting district and municipal governments in formulating local and regional development plans, and assisting commercial real estate projects with ecosystem building, functional planning, and business operation models at project and district level.

Additionally, Junna has supported industrial development, business model development, and organization design projects in other markets. She coleads the Public Sector Practice in Greater China, and specializes in public-private collaboration and state-owned-enterprise reform topics.

Examples of Junna’s recent client work include the following:

  • developed the reform plan for a leading state-owned enterprise, including corporate strategic positioning, business organization, development path, mixed-ownership reform plan, and guarantee mechanism design
  • conducted multiple inorganic growth strategies for a city development company and a real-estate company, including after merger integration
  • regional industrial planning for a leading real-estate group, including macroeconomics and emerging industry research
  • helped a leading multilateral-development bank to identify market opportunities and financial landscape mapping
  • developed the strategic plan for a leading commercial real-estate project, involving organizational change, new business development, etc.
  • assisted a municipal government to plan the roadmap for meeting, incentive, conference, and exhibition industry and identify core positioning, functional groups, and investment and operating model for a major exhibition center
  • designed the positioning and core functions of a major exhibition center for one leading state-owned enterprise, including assisting in getting approval from relevant government leadership and resource introduction
designed the digital transformation strategy for a leading banking institution in China, including digital capability diagnosis, customer big-data analysis, and developed customer-lifecycle management solutions to achieve quick wins with a pilot program 


Zhejiang University