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Women matter in Operations
Paris, March  19 to 21, 2020

Are you enthusiastic about engineering and the impact women can deliver in topics related to operations? Could you be passionate about transforming our clients' operations?

McKinsey strongly believes in developing outstanding female leaders. We do so every day, both internally and with our clients.

In an exclusive 2.5-day workshop, set to take place in a lovely castle close to Paris, we would like to offer you the opportunity to gain insights into the daily work of our Operations Practice consultants and to enjoy the beautiful landscape of France.

We would like to invite talented women based in Europe who are

  • Students working towards a bachelor’s/master’s degree, MBA, or PhD, with an engineering or business background.
  • Professionals with work experience in the field of product development, manufacturing, supply chain management, procurement or other fields of the operational value chain.

The event will take place from March 19 to 21, 2020, and the closing date for applications is February 16, 2020.

We are no longer accepting applications for WomEngineering


Junior Specialist in McKinsey’s Operations Excellence Program, Madrid

“The most meaningful thing for me during WomEngineering was meeting so many women who were inspiring, passionate, and fun. I’ve also kept in touch with many of the participants! The event is exciting and has a high-energy environment that really engages you. I recommend applying if you are undecided if the consulting life is for you. We gained insights into life at McKinsey from current consultants who were honest, approachable, and super nice. We kept in touch and one of the consultants is now my coach within the firm!”

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Event program

Event program

Gain fascinating insights into the world of consulting. Female consultants from our Operations Practice would like to share with you their passion for operational excellence and performance transformation.

They are eager to tell you about their work with clients from a variety of industries.

Gather firsthand consulting experience in McKinsey's Operations Practice. Learn what it means to set a decisive course and how to continually improve areas such as product development, purchasing and supply management, or service processes.

We will also have some time to relax, to network and to explore the surroundings. Lots of fun guaranteed!


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Engagement Manager - Implementation, Milan

"Having served as a faculty member for WomEngineering was an incredible chance to get to know and have fun with very talented women from all over Europe. We were able to share our interests and passions, career ambitions, and common quest for continuous learning and growth opportunities. The event was a real energizer and I am looking forward to the next one!"

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Apply now

Apply now

Apply for “WomEngineering – Women matter in Operations”, our event for upper-level female undergraduates, graduate students, MBA, and PhD students as well as female professionals with work experience in the field of operations.

The event will take place from March 19 to 21, 2020 in Paris. The closing date for applications is February 16, 2020. We will inform you about the success of your application by February 21, 2020.
Your application should include a CV as well as your transcripts and certificates from high school and university with all relevant grades.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding your application, please call Anita Kosar (+49 89 5594 8899).

We are no longer accepting applications for WomEngineering


Former intern and future Junior Specialist in McKinsey’s Operations Excellence Program, Hamburg

“Before I joined WomEngineering, I was unsure if I could become passionate about being a consultant; consultancy sounded somewhat impractical to me. Especially since I studied engineering, I never thought that McKinsey would suit me better than a manufacturing firm. WomEngineering cleared up any misconceptions. It had a very casual atmosphere, and I learned that McKinsey has so much more to offer than I thought: getting insights into so many different industries, working on challenging projects, and always having the big picture in mind. All the talented women inspired me to attend a three-month internship in the Operations Practice. I worked hand in hand with our client and got to know what life is really like as a consultant, which is way more hands-on than I expected. When I received a full-time contract, I was so excited to rejoin McKinsey after my studies to develop my talents and to grow further by tackling challenging tasks.”


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